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Climate Change has already impacted 97% of companies, according to a new Deloitte survey

Today, Deloitte released its 2022 Cx0 Sustainability Report: The Disconnect Between Ambition and Impact. The survey included over 2,000 business leaders in 21 nations of which 89% of executives agree that we face a global climate emergency.

The study is packed with timely questions about how corporate leaders view climate change, what they expect to do about it, and their expectations.

The not-so-good news is that CxOs’ apprehensions about our planet's climate have increased during the last several months. The study reveals multiple disconnects between the opinions and the motivations of these C-suite executives, in addition to the actions taken within their organizations and the resultant impacts.

Source: Smart Capital Mind

The good news, is that despite the gravity of the situation, there is a notable sense of optimism that immediate action can make an impact. Today, 88% (versus 63% eight months ago) agree that with immediate action, we CAN limit the worst impacts of climate change.

Having worked at Deloitte as a consultant, I can attest to the contributions and good intentions of its sustainability team to orchestrate this study. My posts going forward, will include good examples of stewardship within corporate communities to address climate change. Stay posted.

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