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Invest-With-Purpose is a consultancy and investment advisory practice focusing on environmental sustainability and global resources.  Central to the practice are advancements in renewable energy (exploration, generation, transmission and storage), supply chain management, sustainable & precision agriculture, vertical farming, plastic pollution and recycling.

Shelley Goldberg
Founder and Principal

Invest-With-Purpose is built on the principle of agency, meaning, possessing the ability to perceive and change the environment and achieve the intended goals with different actions. 

Shelley Goldberg is the Founder & Principal of Invest-With-Purpose, an environmental sustainability investment management and global resources consultancy.


Shelley has over 20 years of experience in structuring and managing institutional portfolios with a commodity focus. She brings extensive experience as an institutional investment advisor, macroeconomic strategist and portfolio manager in all commodities including energy, metals and mining, and agriculture with additional experience in the foreign currency, global equity and fixed income markets. 

She has served as a macroeconomic strategist, trader, and investment advisor for multi-asset portfolio managers, including her own energy fund, G3 Capital Partners, LLC and the largest fund-of-funds devoted to natural resources with Swiss private bank, Union Bancaire Priveé. Ms. Goldberg was a Consultant with Deloitte’s Global Markets Risk Management team working with corporates, governments, think-tanks and financial institutions worldwide on trading, price and operations risk management. She served as a commodity strategist for Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP, a 42 billion-dollar hedge fund, as well as Roubini Global Economics.




Since 2013 she has been channeling sector-specific knowledge toward leadership roles in impact investing with the goal of monetizing developments in environmental sustainability.  She also has had significant international experience.


Shelley has written extensively for Bloomberg Opinion, publishes frequently on resource sustainability topics and is often invited to speak and serve on panels at industry conferences. She is featured on television and online forums as an expert in commodities and impact investing.


Shelley graduated from Tufts University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and Spanish and received a Master of Business Administration from New York University Stern School of Business in finance and international business.

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