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Blue is the "New" Green.

Consider an investment in water safety & Security

Blue bonds are not all that new, but the term is catching on among impact investors, sustainability leaders and anyone that cares about our environment.

Source: Singularity Hub

Blue bonds are similar to green bonds, but focus solely on issues related to water quality and availability. The World Bank defines a blue bond “as a debt instrument issued by governments, development banks or others to raise capital from impact investors to finance marine and ocean-based projects that have positive environmental, economic and climate benefits.”

The Seychelles sold the first sovereign blue bond in 2018 while a number of borrowers continued on that path, led by Asia. Blue bonds are of particular interest to island nations with extensive coastlines and waterways, but given that 71 percent of the earth's surface is water-covered makes us all vulnerable, not just island-dwellers. Living in the middle of the USA or in a land locked country does not make you immune to climate change.

Consider an investment in BLUE.

You don't need a lot of money to make a big impact. Start today.

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