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Impact Investing

      New York, NY                               (917) 885-8799            

   Accomplishments (please scroll)

  • Appointed Green Evangelist with The Green Impact Exchange, a new stock exchange listing green companies
  • Appointed Director with FORCE Family Office,  the largest network of family offices in the United States with a substantial and growing presence internationally
  • Strategic Partner of Tiger Hill Capital Management - Advised and co-authored a chapter of Powering Prosperity, including a series of articles published in financial journals;
  • Acting CEO of Empire State Greenhouses, a large infrastructure project including a solar-powered vertical farm, a waste biodigester, battery storage and packaging facility;
  • Consulted with an RIA/family office on ESG investing for their portfolios;
  • Carried out an in-depth study on the use of and demand for environmental testing services and food safety testing services;
  • Advised a chemical company on how to improve its ESG rankings;
  • Compiled detailed report on ESG, Climate & Resilience practices & Trends within Real Estate Investing;
  • Consulted with a Washington DC nonpartisan advisors on ESG in Hybrid and Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles;
  • Managed, ran and performed extensive and ongoing due diligence on ESG-focused hedge funds for the multi-million dollar fund-of-funds portfolio with Union Bancaire Privee;
  • Advised to a start-up fund investing in the conversion of conventional GMO-based farmland to certified organic farmlands;
  • Prepared detailed analysis of the lithium and ion battery market for a private equity firm;
  • Experience in commodity M&A work as well as Litigation Support in the public and private sectors;
  • Business development work in a plastic pollution organization serving as an innovation center; business accelerator and foundation;
  • Ran the front office of a Dutch utility in the Netherlands trading oil, gas and green certificates overlapping 9/11.
  • Advised a New Jersey Electric & Gas Utility on derivatives holdings (FASB 133)across the entire organization;
  • Extensive writing in financial journals and live television interviews on commodity risk management & Sustainability.
  • Sered as an Expert Witness in litigation support and financial transactions cases.

We are an investment advisor, strategy firm & consultancy

in environmental sustainability and commodity risk management.


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